Since 1999 we have been innovating in the field of aerodynamics and the aesthetic improvement of the car. In our new facilities abroad, we have organized a modern factory with all the required specifications, increasing production, but also providing better services and products at the best prices.

The biggest advantage of our products is that they adjust to the climatic conditions of our country, which means that they meet all the requirements for a long life on your car even at high temperatures.

Relying on our long experience, we have gained the acceptance not only of the Greek market but also of many European countries, exporting to the most difficult markets in Europe. We also manufacture for other companies under their own logo.

It is worth mentioning the various stages of our work so that you can get a complete view of who we are.


With our advanced equipment, we are able to manufacture any design the customer wants with great precision, quality and outstanding aesthetics. Throughout the design, a continuous analysis of the surfaces that will be added to your car is carried out to improve not only aesthetics but also aerodynamics.


The most accurate and precise way of manufacturing a model or a mold is done with a treatment center (C.N.C.). Having such a center, we manufacture our molds in solid aluminum for greater precision and resistance in large-scale production. Few factories in Europe manufacture their molds in this way, and that is because the investment cost is too high. When you can manufacture a perfect mold, then the next stage must be of a similar standard.


Spoilers are manufactured from Polyurethane - ABS and the bumpers the spoilers-step board-bristles from plastic (ABS or PP). The materials are delivered with pre-painting preparation and packaged.

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Antonis Tolias
Sales Manager