Car Repairs   Minor repairs, refinishing and painting.


Wax or cream?

Its good  twice a year, preferably in spring and autumn to waxing with special protective wax the vehicle to protect it from weather, sunlight, bird droppings, tree resins, and the various insects that not only dull but eroding in deep the color!

If we want to preserve the color always like new its recommended once a year polishing the vehicle with polishing cream which essentially restore the color to its original form by cleaning the paint and removing superficial scratching and stains.

Be careful not to be abused more than one (maximum two) once per year because the substance is removed and degraded the thickness of the layer of paint to achieve full restoration of original color! Basic requirement to run only by qualified personnel using appropriate tools and ointments (eg polisher with adjustable speed) because it is a complex process unique to each vehicle type paint (single or double).

At Tolias Edition depending on wear and condition of the paint of the car, we offer polishing up to five steps, including removal of foreign bodies and stains from paint, paint restoration, but also a Mequiars series ointments to protect the paint.


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